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Awareness Campaigns to Emphasize The Values of Empathy & Patient Centricity | Eris Lifesciences

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Leading pharma company with solution driven by patient care initiatives. Eris specializes in healthcare therapies, healthcare products & manufacturing solution-oriented medication.


The main objective was to spread awareness among the audience though various special days




Social Media Marketing

Case study subject

Creative Showcase



Delivery Overview

Aim: The aim behind this creative was to increase awareness for the benefits of Yoga.

Thought Process: To highlight the health benefits of yoga, we decided to showcase different yoga postures that are beneficial to us while also wishing the audience on this day.

Results: Impressions: 4,421, Engagement Rate: 38.20%

Impact: We succeeded to spread the word regarding the health benefits of Yoga organically to 4421 people.

Aim: The main focus for this creative was to aware audience to stop using plastic and how it is suffocating earth.

Thought Process: To exemplify the every rising problems that plastic bags cause to the environment, the idea was to showcase a visual that would be visually powerful and thought provoking for the audience to drive the message home.

Results: Impressions: 6,582, Engagement Rate: 48.70%

Impact: Our message of limiting the use of plastics was organically received by 6582 people.

Aim: The main aim was to increase awareness among the audience of how education is important for the betterment of the future generation.

Thought Process: To bring to light the disparity in access to education, the idea was to express the benefits and positive change that education can have on a person’s life, and build awareness about the same.

Results: Impressions: 2,709, Engagement Rate: 32.63%

Impact: We organically reached 2709 audience members to spread awareness about the importance of education.

Aim: To increase awareness to prevent pollution.

Thought Process: As we all are aware of the perils of pollution our planet is enveloped in, we wanted to build awareness and show the stark difference by comparing it to a very real possibility our world could face if we don’t prevent pollution.

Results: Impressions: 3,244, Engagement Rate: 28.14%

Impact: We successfully made an impression on 3244 people organically regarding the perils of pollution.

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