Building A Minimalistic Ecommerce Website To Sell Handmade Home Decor Products | Every Corner

About the brand

Every Corner is a Mumbai-based brand that creates exquisite handmade, custom-designed wall decor for spaces of every kind and, of course, every corner. This brand creates a personal touch with its range of products.


E-commerce store for the products




Website Development

Case study subject

Website Development

Delivery Overview

The brand is a fun one and required a simplistic look & feel for their website. Going along with the theme of organized & minimalistic, as briefed by the client, we chose similar elements & colors. The resulting UI was easy to navigate & visually pleasing.


While the brand had an offline presence and participated in multiple events across the country, the ecommerce store needed to be stepping stone in the digital journey of the brand. Having a neat backend UI was very important so that the client’s team can access the same on day to day basis without hassles. Easy navigation ensured users found what they were looking for & would need minimum clicks to complete the transaction.

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