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Eule is an interactive data assistant that operates via a conversational website. It is a unique concept that aims to change the way data is accessed by teams.


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Design & Website Development


The brand wanting to position itself as an interactive data assistant needed something much more than a chat bot. It needed a conversational website. A common consensus was that this website must not feel mechanical & that the conversations needed to feel lively. In addition to that being a newly established brand, Eule needed a logo that spoke of its essence & what it stood for. The client wanted to incorporate the essence of an owl, as ‘Eule’ means owl in German.


The logo took its inspiration from an owl while also incorporating the symbolism of a conversation in the form of a ‘quote’.  The result was a witty piece of art immensely appreciated. The website was given a clean & minimalist look and the auto-responses were fed in a way to bring out natural conversation. Hilarious GIFs were placed to lighten the conversation even further leading to a fun & interactive conversational website. 

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