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Jeebly’s Phenomenal 4-Month Journey:
251% Lead Growth and
100% Conversion Rate Increase

About the brand

Jeebly is a tech-driven last mile delivery logistics company delivering joy to our partners as well as individuals, empowering them to seamlessly manage their business and personal shipments, respectively.


To build a significant hype and app awareness on social media platforms


Last Mile Delivery Service, Transportation, logistics and supply chain


Social Media Marketing

Case study subject

Jeebly’s Reel Content and Moment Marketing for Marketing Strategy

Problem Statement

Jeebly, a logistics company, faced a significant challenge in the social media landscape. Despite being a vital industry, logistics was perceived as somewhat dry and lacked the excitement and fun elements needed to engage the target audience. The company struggled to showcase its vibrant and dynamic personality, making it challenging to stand out in a crowded digital space.

Plan of Action

  • Understanding the Challenge
  • Capturing Moments and Trends
  • Engaging Visuals
  • Power of Video Content
  • Engaging Storytelling

Our Approach

At DigiChefs, we took on the exciting challenge of transforming Jeebly’s social media by leveraging our expertise in creative storytelling and digital strategies.

  • Creative and Fun Visuals
  • Trending Reels
  • Moment Marketing



DigiChefs transformed Jeebly’s social media with creativity, visuals, and moment marketing, capturing vibrant success.

  • Industry Trends and Best Practices
  • Human-Centric Approach
  • Creative Freedom and Exploration
  • Jeebly’s Vision and Mission
  • User-Generated Content and Community Building


Overview & Impact

Our comprehensive strategy transformed Jeebly’s social media. Creative visuals, engaging reels, moment marketing elevated brand perception. Increased visibility, genuine engagement, thriving community. Impactful case study presenting remarkable journey. Driven by inspiration and creativity, changed logistics industry’s perception.

Success Metrics

The strategy implemented by us led to outstanding success metrics for Jeebly’s social media campaign:

  • 99% Increase in Engagement
  • 48.7% Growth in Followers
  • 100% Profile Visits & Reach

Key Learnings

  • Trend-Centric Content Strategy
  • Real-Time Engagement Strategy
  • Memetic Marketing content
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