Increasing brand awareness & reach on social media – Life Force Homeopathy

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About the brand

Life Force Homeopathy is one of the leading homeopathy clinics in India, serving globally. The protagonist behind Life Force Homeopathy, Dr. Rajesh Shah, is the pioneer in online treatment in the world and has treated patients from 180+ countries.





Services provided

Full Digital Suite

Case study subject

Social Media Marketing


The primary goal was to increase the reach organically & to increase awareness about Homeopathy among people. DigiChefs designed campaigns focusing on facts of Homeopathy & its impacts. Case studies of patients were included in the strategy & A-B testing was carried to conclude timings of posts, type of content & high reach hash-tags.


Average Organic reach of the page per week increased by 12X within 3 months. Page likes increased by 46% in just 6 months. Website Traffic from Facebook increased by 94% and leads increased by 27% in in 6 months.

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