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Spreading Smiles & A Lasting Impression With A 115% Increase In Conversions & 2.7 Million Impressions | Dr. Dento

About the brand

Dr. Dento believes in deriving natural solutions to oral care problems. Products are technology driven & researched-backed, vegan, cruelty-free & harmless to environment.


To Generate Sales On:


Medical Equipments (Compression Stockings)


Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing

Core Strategy

  • Created multiple audience segments to reach to relevant audience pockets & used platform & pixel learning to develop a wider audience segment.
  • We elevated the appeal of our ad creatives by integrating pricing information seamlessly with visually compelling elements, providing a more impactful experience for our audience.
  • Implemented a funnel-wise communication strategy. Created unique ad creatives tailored to specific customer journey stages, resulting in increased conversion rates.
  • To boost conversions, we capitalized on festive occasions by offering enticing discounts and creating a sense of urgency around these promotions.
  • Increased bottom funnel conversions by identifying the most engaging audiences & aggressively remarketing to them.

Delivery Overview

  • Through careful audience experimentation, we were able to successfully reduce our CMPs by 30%
  • Created a funnel strategy & increased the remarketing budget with the aim of enhancing brand recall among our consumers and instilling greater confidence for our brand
  • Achieved an increase of over 100% in the number of Add to Carts and Initiate Checkout actions month over month. Were abl

Campaign Creatives


  • Conversion: Our performance has witnessed a significant elevation, boasting a notable 115% surge in conversion.
  • Cost per Conversion: We achieved a substantial 40% reduction in our Cost per Conversion.
  • Conversion Rate: Our conversion rate improved significantly by 220%.
  • AOV: We saw a remarkable 26% rise in our Average Order Value.
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