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A Tata Group company, Voltas Water is a joint venture between Voltas and Dow Chemical (USA). They provide point of entry purification systems for large commercial & residential properties. It facilitates clean water at 1/10th the cost of other alternatives.


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The mandate for Voltas Water was a core B2B lead generation exercise. We ran several campaigns across SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Paid Advertising to generate relevant leads for their business. The long term intent oriented traffic was accumulated via SEO. Several keywords like “water atm”, “commercial water purifiers” among a set of 100 keywords were targeted to bring relevant traffic to the website. Care was taken to have elaborate explanation in the form of text & visual content on the website, so that the leads were educated enough about the product before the sales team spoke to them.


The organic traffic was increased by 30% quarter on quarter with approximately 65 leads per month generated just from organic traffic via Google.

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