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A Localised Infotainment Campaign

Mise En Place

‘Mumbai Local’ is the city’s lifeline. It operates over 2.3K train services & carries over 7.5 million commuters every single day

Most of the commuters spend their journey staring into their mobile phones. Among them, our target age group can be found scrolling through reels endlessly

So, when Central Railways’ newly launched official information app aka ‘Yatri’ wanted to get the word out, we tapped right into this habit



    • Content creators – Influencers are great. Content creators…even better
    • Authenticity – People are tired of cookie-cutter content
    • Relatability over popularity – Tapping into the macro impact of micro creators
    • Regional voices – Breaking language barriers

METHOD: Localised Infotainment

Gone are the days when people were content with influencers endorsing a brand or product. The new age audience wants to be entertained. They want authenticity, personalisation & relatability

So, micro content creators in English, Hindi & Marathi, known for their relatable style on Instagram were chosen for the campaign. Unlike a regular templatised approach, each creator was given the freedom to express the information in an entertaining style unique to their own. Because that’s what they are known for. The result – Reels with guides, comedy sketches & rap songs that not just entertained the audience but also educated them about the key features of the app & its usability



An interactive AR filter on Instagram

Filled with funny & relatable questions that you could answer to discover what type of Yatri you truly are

*chef’s kiss*

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