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We’ve been reinventing the meaning of digital marketing or rather, advertising in a digital era since 2015. With over 2.5 years of cumulative marketing experience at the heart of the organization, we enable our clients to grow and meet their business objectives. Our sweet combination of technology, creative communication and a thought through execution strategy bolster the marketing vertical in your business center, so that you may focus on the next important item on your list. Let us help you build a recipe for success.


To be India’s best high performance creative agency, enabling brands to reach out to their audience using technology, media & effective communication.



The Chefs

Marmik Ajmera


Deep Mehta


Deepak Yewle


Sunil Nair

Chief Strategy Advisor

Abhijeet Balshankar

Creative Lead

Simha Sagar

Creative Consultant

Puneet Garg

Story Evangelist

Let’s build recipes for success