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Achieving 53% Open Rates for Customer Retention Mail Campaigns | Kiddoze Daily

About the brand

Kiddoze aims to provide tasty concoction on everyday essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals missing in your lil’ ones daily diet packed in a gummy. Simply rectify imbalances and fill the nutrition gap in children’s daily diet & routine. Gummies that are suitable for the age group of between 2-18yrs old kids and teens.


Attract, Engage, Personalize & Automate


Health & Nutrition


Full Digital Suite

Case study subject

Email Marketing

Delivery Overview

After a few initial client conversations, the team had a clearer idea of the goals that the client had in mind wherein the ultimate goal was to create a community of customers, increase sales while keeping a trendy and creative approach towards the content as well as the design. We then studied the market and created engaging email marketing campaigns with strong CTA’s. We created the HTML version of one of the introduction emailers to make it more user-friendly, device friendly & get higher reader engagement. A bit of personalization & a creative approach in the email body helped us in better engagements. Email copy & design was strategized keeping a goal of creating an emailer that would attract kids and eventually the parents.


The primary goal of brand awareness was accomplished with the first emailer, where we reintroduced the brand with a few top USPs and followed the same strategy of using the top USPs of the product in the emailers resulted us in improved open rates of 53.0% and better engagements. According to MailChimp statistics, the average open rate of a company with over 50 employees is 23.61%.

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