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FlexiLoans is a collateral free SME loan provider in India. They raised the largest seed funding in India worth 100 Cr. They help small & medium enterprises scale up their business by providing working capital loans, their other products being invoice discounting, equipment financing, etc.

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We understood the potential of FlexiLoans on the basis of our initial few interactions with the brand & the propositions it spoke about. The hindrances were clear – the audience was fragmented, involved technology late adopters, not quite comfortable with pure English communication, desperate for a loan & rejected by most because of their poor credit history! We worked with FlexiLoans in tackling each of these issues via creative communication & platform strategy to result in a relevant lead flow. Keywords were shortlisted on the basis of extensive research from multiple tools.


The primary goal of increasing lead generation inspite of the challenges was fulfilled with over 5X growth. This was due to consistent increment in traffic by over 38% quarter on quarter. The final conversions was boosted up by 3X in just 3 months leading to substantial growth in revenue.

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