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1 Million Reached With A Unique Storytelling Video Campaign | Life Force Homeopathy

About the brand

Life Force Homeopathy is one of the leading homeopathy clinics in India, serving globally. The protagonist behind Life Force Homeopathy, Dr. Rajesh Shah, is the pioneer in online treatment in the world and has treated patients from 180+ countries.






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Video Marketing

Delivery Overview

DigiChefs helps Life Force Homeopathy with various lead generation activities across various channels & media. With the World Homeopathy Day just around the corner and a strategic meeting of Dr. Rajesh Shah with the Vice President of India, we decided to create an explainer video that Dr. Rajesh could present to the Hon’ Vice President. While the video had to be simple and non technical, it had to be built in a span of 3 days explaining the FAQs in Homeopathy.


This unique video storytelling earned massive appreciation from audience of all sectors. Within 2 days of posting it garnered 25K+ impressions. By the end of the month the video had a reach of nearly 1 Million with nearly 600K+ views. The video also got recognition from government officials who considered it a powerful tool in awareness.

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