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A Groundbreaking Achievement with 16.5K+ Bookings at a Remarkable 10% Conversion Rate | M2M Ferries

About the brand

M2M Ferries Private Limited is revolutionizing transportation between Mumbai and Mandwa in Maharashtra with its luxurious and world-class Roll-On-Roll-Off-Passenger (Ro-Pax) Ferry service. With the support of the Maharashtra Maritime Board and Mumbai Port Trust, M2M Ferries provides a modern, efficient, and comfortable travel experience. Cutting the usual 5-hour road journey to just 1 hour by sea, their service offers all-weather year-round connectivity in a luxurious setting.


Brand awareness and Conversions (to capture the attention of a wider audience and generate valuable leads)


Travel & Tourism


Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing


  • Lack of brand awareness
  • High Cost per Booking
  • Enhancing website traffic through non-brand keywords.

Delivery Overview

  • Our ad targeting strategy focused on specific geographic areas with high tourist traffic and proximity to ferry terminals, ensuring effective reach to the target audience who are not aware about the Ferry service available from Mumbai To Alibaug.
  • Through extensive ad communication testing, we established strong user associations with our ferry service, resulting in notable campaign performance improvements.
  • We implemented tailored ad communication strategies for different age groups, targeting the younger (18-34) and the older (35-60) demographic, ensuring relevance and resonance in our creatives. Additionally, we drafted targeted communication pieces for females to maximize bookings and minimize cost per booking.
  • We strategically highlighted our brand’s unique selling points and benefits, engaging users and improving the CTR and conversion rates.
  • Once there was sufficient learnings on the campaign, we let Google’s machine learning identify potential customers which helped in successfully increasing the number of bookings & maximizing our campaign’s effectiveness.


  • Generated over 16.5k bookings in 3 months
  • Managed to Improved the overall Cost per Booking by 20% in 90 days
  • Successfully drove substantial traffic, with over 1.6L+ visits to the website.
  • Achieved a remarkable ecommerce conversion rate of 10%.
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