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An Enormous Rise In Engagement By 6x In 6 Months | Western Equipment

About the brand

Western Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1972. Western’s one of India’s top producers of commercial refrigeration equipment and the country’s first maker of Visi-coolers. They’ve been importing beverage dispensers and coolers based on their connection to the refrigeration sector and experience in imports since 1995.


To build brand awareness by increasing their overall Reach, Followers & Engagement. across all platforms.



Core Ingredients

Social Media

Case study subject

Brand Growth Case Study

Creatives Showcase


We achieved phenomenal growth in impressions by 10X on Instagram by posting unique conceptual creatives

  • The number of followers on Facebook skyrocketed up to 98% and a tremendous increase in engagement was observed by 6X
  • An enormous rise of 2.5k+ was observed in terms of followers.
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