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Animated Product Walkthrough Video for Aditya Birla Money

About the brand

Aditya Birla Money Limited is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited. It is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited. ABML is mainly in the business of securities broking offering equity and derivatives trading and offers portfolio management.


Ease user registration on the new app.





Case study subject

Digital Content & Branding


Delivery Overview

  • With Aditya Birla Money’s new app being launched for Trading & Demat services, completing the registration process presented a challenge for new users. Multiple steps created confusion among users.
  • The resolution came with the idea of creating a video walkthrough that would break down each step with visual support to ease the whole registration process.
  • We did several test runs of the app trying to figure out the nuances of user journey & potential areas prone to errors by new users. The walkthrough would need to address each of these points.
  • A deep dive was done to understand the key audiences that would form the primary market for the app. Based on the analysis, 3 languages were chosen as medium of communication to expand the reach of the video tutorial.
  • Factoring user behaviour of watching videos on mute on social media (often), the visual direction was chosen to be self sufficient in explanation even when played in mute.
  • We created a storyboard with frame by frame visual description which was accompanied by content wireframe.
  • In-video text & voice over script were created in sync with visual direction. Care was taken to ensure sensory fatigue does not set in with too many triggers.
  • Animation followed a minimal approach with clear imagery that could stand the burden of explanation on its own.
  • Voice overs were created in English, Hindi & Tamil to align with the audience insights.
  • All elements were brought together in perfect harmony leading to a clean & effective video walkthrough.


  • The video was used across various platforms of website, app & social media enabling new users to register with ease. The multi-lingual approach made it easy for the content to be consumed in the language of choice.
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