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Crossing Boundaries With Impeccable Website Traffic Increase by 80% & Achieving 6X ROAS | Nomadic Road

About the brand

Exclusive expedition company specializing in overland motoring Journeys. Providing meaningful and extraordinary travel experiences by exploring uncharted territories . Change the traditional approach to travel, encourage clients to step out of their comfort zones, and create lasting memories.



Core Objectives

Seek out individuals who will sign up for their extreme expeditions.


Amplify Brand Awareness, Expeditions Signups


Travel & Tourism


Performance Marketing


Performance Marketing

Problem Statement

  • Low Brand Awareness and Limited Recognition.
  • Broad Targeting Resulting in Irrelevant Traffic.
  • High Cost per Lead and Low Conversion Rates.

Core Insight & Strategy

  • Created Targeted Geographic Campaigns for Precise Communication.
  • Created Campaign Level Funnel Strategy.
  • Used Visual & Engaging Video Ads for Better CTR.
  • Leveraged Remarketing to Further Educate the Potential Customers.

Delivery Overview

  • Platform Selection: Meta and Google Ads.
  • Integrated Campaigns: Brand Awareness to Conversion.
  • Audience Persona Development: Targeting Relevant Audience Pockets.
  • Geographic Campaigns: Personalized Messaging.
  • Visual Content: Engaging Video Ads.
  • Resource Allocation: Maximizing ROI.
  • Remarketing: Re-engagement with Potential Customers.

Campaign Creatives


  • Relevant Traffic Increased by 80%.
  • Qualification Ratio Improved by 10X.
  • Average session duration increased by 20%
  • 6X ROAS was generated overall
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