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Generated 6X ROAS & Relevant Website Traffic Increase by 80% | Nomadic Road

About the brand

Nomadic Road is an exclusive expedition company that provides an alternative travel experience by offering Overland Motoring Journeys. Nomadic Road organizes expeditions for travelers seeking a more meaningful yet extraordinary travel experience, providing prompt expedition vehicles to explore uncharted territories. The company’s goal is to change the traditional approach to travel and provide a sense of achievement by encouraging clients to step out of their comfort zones and make new memories.



Core Objectives

Seek out individuals who will sign up for their extreme expeditions.


Amplify Brand Awareness, Expeditions Signups


Travel & Tourism


Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing


  • Primary challenge was to attract more relevant visitors to the website. The current targeting was too broad and needed to be refined to reach the ideal audience more effectively. 
  • Another challenge was to optimize marketing campaigns to decrease the cost per lead and improve the conversion rate.

We have worked with similar clients but the challenges were new

  • Due to the low brand awareness, many people were not aware that such a brand existed & that the offering was a USP in itself.
  • Bringing relevant audiences to the website was a challenge, because while it was a very impressive proposition, major conversions happened from an evolved segment of travellers.

Trumped Strategies & Delivery Overview

  • To enhance brand awareness, we launched website traffic campaigns on Meta and Discovery & Display campaigns on Google. These campaigns effectively reached our intended audience in the targeted market and successfully presented our brand.
  • We decided to execute integrated platform campaigns and identified Meta and Google Ads as the optimal channels to reach our target audience.
  • We developed campaign funnels that guided users from brand awareness campaigns to conversion campaigns, with the aim of increasing brand visibility and driving more conversions
  • We created targeted audiences for meta and Google Ads by developing audience personas through brainstorming sessions, which allowed us to optimize our advertising campaigns and reach the right people with our messaging
  • To have better control over our advertising budget, we created separate campaigns for different countries. This allowed us to optimize our expenditure and personalize our messaging to targeted geographic regions
  • We produced visually captivating and engaging video ads to effectively communicate our message, resulting in a 30% increase in our click-through rate (CTR)
  • After careful analysis, we identified the most effective ad platform and placements for our campaigns and allocated more resources towards utilizing them. This helped us to optimize our advertising efforts and maximize our ROI
  • We implemented remarketing campaigns to retarget individuals who had previously interacted with our website or ads. This allowed us to re-engage with potential customers and increase the likelihood of conversions


  • Relevant traffic increased by 80%
  • Qualification ratio improved by 10X
  • Average session duration increased by 20%
  • 6X ROAS was generated overall
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