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Have you come across this on your search result page? And wonder why this is showing up.

So this is Google’s new feature that you see on the SERP which is known as Generative AI and it has been trained to create new content, like text, code, images, & music. Google has trained this AI on large amounts of data, and now it has learned to generate new content that is similar to the data on which it was trained.

So you know now that this feature on Google Search will help to understand the meaning of your queries and provide you with more relevant and informative results. But to note it is still in an early access stage. 

Let have a look at the functionality of Google Search’s new generative AI capability:

Answering complex questions:

Google has designed new generative AI in such a way that it can answer the most complex questions that are difficult or impossible to answer in traditional search methods. For example, you can search for “What are the ethical implications of self-driving cars?” and it will give you a comprehensive and informative answer like in the below image.

Summarizing long form content:

This AI is helping people to save their time from reading long and lengthy content line news, articles by summarizing the blog and providing just what that is needed. 

Content Generation:

This AI is also capable of creating content such as poems, code, and musical lyrics. Now this is going to be useful for people who surf their browser for hours and hours to get inspiration or who want to experiment with different creative ideas.

This Ai is going to change the life, of people. But as it is still under development it will have much more potential than this in the coming future. This will have better understanding for the queries and provide much more relevant and informative results. This is going to help us to learn and understand the world around us better.


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