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While SEO has been around for sometime, many startup founders are worried about do’s & don’ts with respect to the practices of their Digital Marketing Agency. Deep Mehta, Co-founder at DigiChefs shares his thoughts on whether SEO really is needed for startups.

The quick answer to the above question is NO. As a startup company, you should focus on some of the immediate customer acquisition tactics like SEM services or PPC management services to identify your right target audience at the initial stage. Once you are aware of your customers or their engagement towards your websites or business, now you can dive into long-term tactics like SEO services

The aspects of SEO are basically classified into three parts:

  1. Technical Optimization from On-page perspective.
  2. Content Optimization from On-page perspective.
  3. Backlinks building from Off-page perspective.

You should focus 40-50% efforts on technical optimization. 30% efforts on content optimization, & the remaining 20% on backlink building. You can use this mix of optimization for at least 6 months to acquire a good result from it. The point here is to focus on On-page optimization rather than Off-page optimization. While generating content, make sure the quality of the content is up to the mark. Try to focus more on quality content, improving your website’s speed & working on meta tags.