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They provide expedited cross border e-commerce logistics solutions, air freight and international air freight services, overseas shipping to destinations anywhere in the world.


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Paid Advertising

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Paid Advertising

Delivery Overview

Bombino Express was looking out to cater to vendors who typically ship products internationally from India. That’s a very niche audience and hence finding relevant audience to send couriers internationally seemed like a challenge.

We took to Google Ads to solve the client’s problem statement. We used Google Search, Display ads to achieve this feat. We showcased the core USPs of Bombino Express’s courier service to ensure higher CTRs as compared to the competition.


Generated 775+ Leads in 3 months.
Improved the Conversion Rate by 21.6% on our landing page in 3 months.
Achieved ROAS of 5 at the end of 3 months.

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