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Unimont Realty started out in 2010 with a vision to build properties that provide luxurious amenities at affordable prices. With over 5 ongoing projects & 3 already delivered projects, Unimont is a reputed name in Real Estate around Mumbai.


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Paid Advertising

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Unimont Realty’s projects are spread across Navi Mumbai & Khopoli. Being a Real Estate brand, lead generation was the primary goal. Target was to get leads for their Khopoli project by targeting audiences in & near Mumbai. Facebook, & Instagram were chosen to carry out paid campaigns. DigiChefs’ vast experience in real estate coupled with an effective strategy & creative designs helped generate effective results. Our research indicated that the target geography had a large number of people living on rent because of the presence of nearby SEZs. The ‘Rent2Emi’ campaign educated audiences that it was much wiser to buy a flat and pay its EMI than keep paying rent in that geography of Khopoli.


Rent2EMI campaign reduced CPLs to Rs. 50 and generated a great traction in our audience. The CPL never increased more than Rs. 180 in the history of the campaigns. Marathi ads resulted in a CPL 30% lower than English ads with higher engagement with telecallers.

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