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Sunhalt Gold’s Social Media Glow-Up: Case Study

About the brand

Sunhalt Gold is your go-to sunscreen for hydration and broad-spectrum protection. Recommended by dermatologists, it works for every skin type and includes Aloe Vera, Titanium Dioxide, and Allantoin.

Marketing Objective

  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Bolster brand recognition and recall
  • Expand our follower base

Core Insight & Strategy

People aged 20-34 across India seek not just sun protection but a skincare product that aligns with their daily life, offering them a sense of reliability and enhancing their confidence in their skin’s health.

Delivery Overview

  1. Revamped Strategy:

    Transitioned Sunhalt’s brand page to an influencer-centric platform, focusing on content that resonates and builds relatability with our target audience.

  2. Engagement Boost:

    Leveraged more memes, topical content, and moment marketing to increase engagement and stay relevant with current trends.

  3. Influencer Marketing:

    Enhanced our influencer collaborations, integrating them with giveaways and contests to expand our reach and follower base.

  4. Creative Approach:

    Shifted to concept-driven visuals, moving beyond product-only imagery to communicate our message more effectively.

  5. Campaign Focus:

    Initiated numerous campaigns to maintain momentum and strengthen Sunhalt Gold’s market presence.

Static – Before

Static – After

Video – Before

Video – After

Metrics – Before

Metrics – After

Strategy we used?

  1. We’ve evolved from being a brand to becoming a beauty influencer.
  2. We combined the qualities of influencers by blending subject expertise (education) with entertaining empowerment to revamp our content and communication approach.
  3. We prioritized human-centric content and current trends, dedicating 80% of our efforts to educational and entertaining material, while allocating the remaining 20% to product-centric content.



  • Reach increased by 1775.38%
  • Profile visits surged by 2107.69%


  • Reach increased by 219966.83%
  • Profile visits surged by 9373.68%
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