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Do you have a new brand and need to spread awareness for the same? Advertising your products and brand online is a great way to reach more people and create awareness.
You need to first figure out where your audience really is, what time they are the most active, what type of content they prefer, their demographics, psychographics, purchase behavior patterns, etc

There are various social media platforms where we can advertise our business or brand. However, after research, it has been found that the majority of people found online are present on Facebook & Instagram which makes them the most used platforms for advertising. Ads on these platforms bring in a lot of ROI as the ads are showcased to a comparatively larger audience that is perfectly relevant to the product or service.

Facebook was launched way before Instagram came into existence. So, Facebook has a larger audience compared to Instagram. But, engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook.

Let’s talk about brand engagement:
Millennials are present on Facebook. Whereas, Gen Z which consists of the age group of 16-24 years is present on Instagram. The time spent on Instagram is more because the age group of 16-24 years is still young and fascinated by the world online. This is the reason why this group of individuals engages with the content more. So, ads that will go live on Instagram will receive a lot of engagement as people will see them more.

Type of ads:
There are numerous types of ads available on Facebook like Carousel, Video, Image, Collection, Lead Generation, Slide Show, Offer, Event Responses, Page Likes,  whereas on Instagram there are only four types of ads, which are, Photo, Video, Carousel & Story Ads.

On Facebook, the costs depend on the ad objective, quality, audience, bidding type & industry. So, the cost that you incur at the end is a lot.
But on Instagram, the cost is cheaper.

Advantages of running ads on Facebook:
– Facebook has a large audience consisting of different types of ad groups.

– You can target the set that is applicable to your business
– You have different options like directly linking the ad to your product or promoting your business page
– If you have an e-commerce page, running an ad on Facebook will bring you a lot of conversions

Advantages of running ads on Instagram:
– Instagram today, is the leading social media platform when it comes to engagement and the number of active users
– Advertising on Instagram will surely help one reach out to a higher audience and generate a larger ROI
– Instagram is a platform where there is more photography and aesthetics or we can say visually appealing things

If the target audience is smaller, it is best to advertise on Instagram.

So, to conclude, if you want a successful campaign, you need to run ads on both of these platforms because both have different sets of audiences. And these platforms have the highest active users than any other platform. One has Millenials and the other has GenZ. To cover them all, or to reach out to a large audience, you need to run ads on both platforms.

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