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About the brand

Dutolo stands for Dustbins & Toilets locator. It simply aims at helping fellow citizens locate the nearest dustbins & toilets wherever they are. They cover 2 major cities currently, Mumbai & Chennai and are completely crowd-sourced! This app was built keeping the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in mind.




Social Welfare


Video Production, Video Marketing

Case study subject

Video Marketing

Delivery Overview

The DigiChefs team brainstormed various ideas across the whiteboard to promote the app in a subtle non conventional manner. The method of scolding the listeners was done to death and we wanted to try something new. We worked towards story-boarding one of the most unique scripts ever to talk about one of the most mundane topics. The video was then promoted to a specific TG which reacted brilliantly to yield high visibility for the brand.


Reach mattered the most here as the cause needed people’s attention. The video by virtue of its ingenuity managed to garner over 1 Million reach with 340K+ views on Facebook alone. The cumulative video views across platforms passed over 750K making it one of the trending content pieces of the month.

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