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Did you know that in the past two years, the online search for “most reliable car(s)” has grown by 70%?

When it comes to making a decision about purchasing a car or auto parts, online search is what the customers first begin with. The internet user base is a huge market, hence it becomes important for the automobile industry to build its brand on digital platforms.

In fact, from Mclaren to Honda, a good deal of automobile brands are already leveraging digital power smartly by finding their voice and connecting with their audience.

Here’s how digital marketing tools have enabled the automobile industry to penetrate the digital market.

1. Search Engine Optimization
As a brand, you want to be seen amongst the top search results of google, or at least on the first page of google. SEO can help you achieve a higher rank on google and this also makes it easy for your audience to find your website easily.

Fun fact: 75% of the users never scroll past the first page of Google.


2. Social Media Marketing
In today’s world, consumers want to feel connected to their favorite brands. They want to be able to engage and share their opinion and experience. Thankfully, social media marketing offers you all that and more. It can help you initiate a conversation with your customers, and build a social media fan base, therefore, contributing significantly to brand awareness.

Did you know that around 70% of car buyers are easily get influenced by video content?


3. Integration Of AR & VR
By integrating virtual & augmented reality into your marketing strategy, you can take customer experience & engagement to another level. AR & VR tech can help automobile brands create 3D models and allow the audience to visualize how the car looks in reality. Embedding AR & VR experience on website & social media platforms can immensely help brands elevate the customer experience.

4. Mobile Optimization
Accessing information through mobile devices is comparatively easier & more convenient, and that’s why more and more brands out there are optimizing their digital content for mobile. In fact, the maximum number of car users do their research such as comparing prices, and reading reviews via mobile. Using mobile ads, brands can:
Increase their conversion rate by 45%
Decrease their CPA by 30%

Having a unique digital marketing strategy in place is a prerequisite for the automobile industry in today’s world. The more a consumer feels connected to the brand, the more they get influenced to make a purchase.

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