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Consumers today are increasingly getting influenced by what they see on digital platforms. The automobile industry has smartly used this trend to its advantage by deploying social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, paid ads to grow its sales, and innumerable other digital tools to enhance its overall marketing communications.

From performance marketing and social media marketing to SEO strategies, automobile brands out there are smartly leveraging digital marketing resources to achieve their goals.

Here’s how a luxury car brand used a performance marketing strategy to achieve more conversions.

BMW Navnit Motors, an importer of BMW cars in Mumbai, wanted to generate leads, and using the performance marketing strategy, they were able to target users who were actively searching for BMW cars or luxury cars.
Between Feb 2017 to Apr 2022, the campaign successfully helped them receive:
9000+ leads
400+ car bookings

Let’s take a look at a truck manufacturing brand that used social media marketing strategies to achieve two very different goals.

TATA Motors ILCV is the world’s fifth-largest truck manufacturer and a market leader in the commercial vehicle segment. Their objective was to increase engagement on their social media. Through a campaign that they took live around Diwali, they achieved:
50K reach
15K engagement
80K impressions
200+ followers

Through another one of their social media campaigns, they wanted to build awareness around their BS4 & BS6 trucks. With the launch of BS6 trucks, there was a lot of misinformation being spread about BS4 trucks which led to a decrease in its consumer demand. To remedy that, they launched an awareness campaign and highlighted the benefits of BS4 trucks. Through this campaign, they achieved:
40K+ reach
10K+ engagement

The automobile industry is extremely vast and filled with diverse brands. However, the nature of digital marketing is such that any automobile brand can use it to grow its business. If you want to know more about how automobile brands out there have benefited from digital marketing strategies, then read this case study here.