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Did you know that 35.7% of consumer electronics buyers tend to get influenced by internet advertisements? 

The space of consumer electronics is crammed. Its growing customer base comprises of gen-z & millennials who tend to treat electronic products as important lifestyle choices. 

When it comes to buying an electronic product, consumers rely heavily on internet research, peer reviews & testimonials, etc. With so many consumer electronics brands out there, it’s a necessity for businesses in this space to have a unique digital marketing strategy so as to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Here are 4 different digital marketing tools that consumer electronics brands are leveraging big time. 

  • Social Media

Nowadays, customers want to see their preferred brand’s presence on social media. It’s how they carry out a brand’s identity check. That’s why almost every brand out there tries to maintain an authentic social media presence because it can play a huge role in influencing customers’ decisions. 


  • Search Engine Optimization

Electronic products make for one of the most purchased categories online. In fact, 40% of internet users claim to have purchased an electronic product in the last 12 months. With so much traffic online, electronic brands focus on differentiating themselves from competitors using strategic optimization techniques. An efficient SEO strategy helps brands:

  • Target high intent consumers and therefore, increase conversions
  • Achieve long-term business growth
  • Maintain dominance in their niche


  • Influencer Marketing

Hailed as one of the most effective digital marketing tools, influencer marketing allows brands to reach a much wider audience, thereby increasing the visibility of their product or service. 

For example #DanceAwesome was challenged by Samsung. While releasing their brand new Galaxy A smartphones, Samsung collaborated with content creators who targeted and engaged the millennial & gen-z demographic with the #DanceAwesome challenge. 

With this campaign, Samsung successfully captured the attention of the young audience and generated over 4.7 million pieces of UGC content. 


  • Video Marketing (Digital)

Along with social media & SEO strategies, consumer electronic brands have been using various video marketing strategies to instill trust in the audience for their products. Unboxing or customer reviewed videos can create a strong impact and increase the trustworthiness of your brand. In fact, thoughtfully designed or shot videos can be a great tool to convert your audience faster. 

While these are the tried and tested digital marketing solutions for consumer electronics brands, there are a plethora of creative and innovative approaches to leveraging digital marketing. 


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