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The consumer electronics industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the world. One of the key factors for the growth of brands in this industry has been various digital marketing tools. From influencer marketing campaigns to video marketing, consumer electronic brands have derived multiple creative digital strategies for their success.

In fact, here’s how a consumer electronic brand used an efficient SEO strategy to achieve organic website growth. 

MyHomeClimate, a brand that specializes in providing a wide array of air coolers, wanted to increase its website traffic. They carefully studied their audience and identified high volume keywords. By performing frequent optimizations and writing relevant blogs, they:

  • Achieved 300% growth in year on year organic traffic 
  • Increased their clicks from 1.84K to 8.55K and impressions from 127K to 599K

Even though the consumer electronics industry is a packed one, leading to brands in the industry requiring strong differentiation, it’s not exactly a cakewalk to achieve it. 

But, if you want to know how the leading consumer electronics brands might be doing it, then read the blog here!