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The food & nutrition industry as a whole has transitioned majorly from offline to online in recent years. This shift was indeed necessary for the industry to be able to sustain itself.

Did you know?
Nearly 57% of customers now order their food online, from a website or an app.

In fact, 40% of people get to know about food via a digital method, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, or ads on Google. And when these digital ads are just appealing enough with the right amount of data, eye-pleasing visuals, and of course, a referral code or coupon of some kind, that’s when the food marketing digital strategy’s successful.

But how do the food & nutrition brands benefit from digital marketing?
Here are 3 substantial ways in which the food & nutrition industry actually utilizes digital marketing:

1. Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the core of any digital marketing strategy. With a plethora of platforms at your disposal, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, with each having its unique set of users, social media marketing allows you to tell your story to your audience in your own distinguished manner. And you always have the liberty to modify your story to suit your audience on each of these platforms. After all, what you tell them is how they will perceive your brand, making social media marketing a great tool to build your brand identity as well as garner the desired traction.
Easily express who you are, what your brand is, what it stands for, what it offers, and so much more, facilitated by technological advancements and new features on these platforms.

2. Search Engine Optimization
At the end of the day, if your brand website, social media handle, or any other relevant information regarding your brand, such as business listings doesn’t pop up amongst the top search results of Google, then that’s a cause for concern.
This is where search engine optimization, as a part of digital marketing strategy actually comes into play. Getting the right keywords and curating prompt backlinks can actually push your brand up on Google search results, giving your brand more visibility and reach.

3. Email Marketing
A lot of the time, not given the desired attention and weightage, email marketing is actually one of the most crucial components of a digital marketing strategy. A targeted and exciting emailer, be it automated or personalized for the receiver can make a huge difference for your brand wherein it can give you leads and unexpected customers.
But that’s not all, as email marketing also plays a pivotal role in maintaining your brand’s recall value by ensuring that the email recipient remembers your brand’s name, if not more.

Moreover, managing a brand, regardless of its scale and capacity is always challenging. And as we’re all aware, the market is highly dynamic with trends appearing every now and then. In order to cope with such fluctuations in the market, a brand needs to leverage digital marketing to stay relevant, have an edge over competitors, and actually succeed.

So, what’s the conclusion? Digital marketing is noticeably advantageous for food & nutrition brands’ marketing, especially in this digital era where everything’s available online.

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