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The food & nutrition industry has witnessed a major transition from offline to online in recent years, wherein a large chunk of its operations has shifted online.

From creating substantial brand awareness for your brand using social media marketing to leveraging email marketing to retain your brand’s recall value, all the way to using SEO to get more clicks on your brand website or social media handle on Google search results, everything has to do with digital marketing.

So, how about we take a look at some of our leading food & nutrition brands that have successfully achieved their desired results from digital marketing?

Raskik, coconut water, and natural fruit juice fusion beverage brand wanted to position itself as a fun, vibrant, and energetic drink for the youth using social media marketing including viral influencer marketing and SEO.
The numbers secured through digital marketing were astounding as mentioned below:
Impressions totaled up to 1.7M
Reach achieved was 881K
Engagement received was 78K

Another one of Raskik’s digital marketing campaigns aimed at gaining organic reach by leveraging the T20 Cricket World Cup 2021.
The numbers garnered speak for themselves:
Reach went up to 41K
Unique accounts engaged were 7K

Another beverage brand, more so a specialized energy supplement, Fyre Energy which is India’s first functional energy brand wanted to upscale and reduce its CPA through customized and targeted paid campaigns.
What they witnessed next was simply exhilarating!
Spike in sales from 127 overall purchases to 4837 purchases in 3 months
Decrease in the CPA by 80% in 6 months
Rise in ROAS from 0.37X to 3X in 6 months

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. Because now, we will move from beverage brands to food & nutrition brands! Tch, tch, there’s a dessert brand too in here.

Let’s start with the one that each one you must be aware of. Meal of the Moment, aka MOM, is a household name today when you think about ready-to-eat food. Their agenda was to launch their IPL special product and reach their audience organically.
Named #MakhanaPremierLeague, the campaign was as creative and topical as it can get, and was a true success!
Reach improved by 50%
Reach attained was 77K+
Engagement received was 6K+
Story views crossed 1.4K

Another one of Meal of the Moment, aka MOM’s digital marketing campaigns, was targeted at gaining better reach and engaging more users, through the means of moment marketing which is often trending for a short span of time.
However, the campaign was built so proactively in order to fully take advantage of the moment, the overall results were simply spectacular:
Reach garnered on the moment marketing posts were 4.5X
Engagement attained on the moment marketing posts were 3X
The brand was featured on viral marketing pages like Social Samosa repeatedly

Coming to the next brand which again is one that a lot of you must have heard of. JIWA Foods is a farm-to-table, organic superfoods brand that offers products like quinoa, granola, etc. They wanted to build a customized ecommerce website which was:
Built by Digichefs in-house using the WooCommerce platform
Entirely customized as per their brand personality, guidelines, and sales requirements

Now…the dessert brand we mentioned above. Noto Ice Creams, a pioneer in the country for low-calorie, healthy ice creams wanted to expand their sales using Facebook, and Instagram right after launching their website.
They experienced a success rate like none other and that can be seen below:
Sales crossed 12L+
An avg. order value was Rs.1000+
ROAS achieved was 4X during the COVID-19 lockdown

Finally, an honest nutrition brand, Kiddoze. As a supplement brand for kids that provides tasty and nutrient-rich gummies to help kids meet their daily nutritional requirements, they wanted to build a community of customers, and increase their sales using digital marketing. The impact was significant:
Email open rates were 53%

Now, it is fair to say that there is a lot of room for creativity, and functionality when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, facilitated by none other than technology. So, if you want to know how these food & nutrition brands effectively incorporated digital marketing for their growth and success, then read the strategy here!