23% Increase In Conversion Rate With 100% Growth In Online Footprint In Just 3 Months | BMW Navnit Motors

About the brand

BMW Navnit Motors is an authorized BMW dealer in India. They were the pioneers in bringing BMW cars in India in 1994. BMW Navnit Motors have sold approx. 5000 cars within Mumbai so far.


Lead Generation




Full Digital Suite

Case study subject

Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising

Delivery Overview

Having experience in the automobile segment with other premium brands, DigiChefs laid down a closely knitted strategy to increase the number of leads for BMW Navnit Motors Mumbai. Focus was given to generate leads for potential buyers in the early stages of their research cycle & to a nurtured audience targeting test drives. We used creative communication as the hook tied up with our platform expertise to effectively generate leads and high conversions for BMW. Building a better share of voice compared to competitors in Mumbai was also a KPI that we managed to achieve.


60% SoV in the target market along with 30% improvement in engagement ratio. Conversion rates increased by 23% after campaigns were modified basis our in-house expertise. The online footprint of the brand on social channels was pumped up by 100% in 3 months to reach a landmark the brand deserved.

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