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Remarkable 52% Organic Growth in 6 Months with On Page SEO | SOS India

About the brand

SOS Children’s Villages of India is a non-governmental organization committed to the welfare of parentless children, women, and vulnerable families. With over 50 years of experience, they have impacted over 25,000 lives through their 32 SOS Children’s Villages and community projects. Their focus is on holistic development, strengthening families, and preventing abandonment and social neglect. As part of the SOS International Federation, they have the largest operation in a network of 134 countries. By providing safe environments, education, and support, they strive to restore hope and build brighter futures for those in need.

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Case study subject

Search Engine Optimization

Delivery Overview

  • Technical Optimization: Our agency’s strategic implementation of schemas, optimization for featured snippets, and creation of detailed FAQ pages, as well as technical optimization such as mobile-friendliness, speed, and use of structured data, resulted in increased website visibility and targeted organic traffic. As a result, we achieved higher user engagement and conversions, marking a successful outcome of our SEO efforts. Paragraph snippets, List snippets, Table snippets, Video Snippets. Add these featured snippets into the text.
  • Organic Ranking: Our website’s strong ranking in metro cities helped us attract a substantial audience and boost our overall success. We used location keywords, contact info, local content, images, citations, and mobile-friendliness to optimize our pages. These efforts helped us achieve prominent positions in search results and generate significant traffic.
  • CRO and UI/UX Optimization: Our user-centric UI/UX design, compelling messaging, impactful visuals, and streamlined donation process, along with catchy header tags and strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons, led to increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, and motivated action. The mobile optimization further enhanced the donation experience, maximizing its impact.

Google Analytics (May’22 V/S Dec’23)

Insight: Achieving remarkable progress, the website experienced substantial growth in major KPIs  compared to the Dec 2022 – May 2023 period. Implementing advanced SEO strategies, we set an ambitious goal of a minimum 30 – 40% increase in organic traffic within six months.

Outcome: Exceeding expectations, our strategy generated remarkable revenue growth for our clients. We saw a massive growth of 95.2% in our goal completions

Google Search (Apr’22 V/S Dec’23) Console

Insight: Our effective UI/UX strategies and targeted SEO efforts drove significant organic growth.

In November 2022, by creating dedicated pages for key metro cities in India, we aimed to maximize donations and exceeded our benchmark of a 30–40% increase in clicks and CTR, achieving remarkable success.

Campaign Creatives

Google Analytics (April’ 22 to June’ 23)

After our strategies started taking effect our website witnessed a remarkable increase in organic sessions of 26.24% during Q2. 

Our SEO strategies upward trend results Significant boost of 52.14%in clicks & 39.02% growth in CTR, demonstrates the effectiveness in attracting interested audience & higher engagement


  • Through the implementation of strategic on-page tactics, such as creating top-of-the-funnel blogs and utilizing high-volume generic keywords, creating an action plan of increasing our organic visibility for top tier cities, we achieved remarkable outcomes and witnessed extraordinary organic growth across various key metrics.
  • As a result in the month of May’23 compared to the Dec’22, Almost all of our  major KPIs showed a significant increase. Our Organic Users experienced a significant surge, with a remarkable 60.8% increase. Sessions also saw substantial growth, increasing by 78.5%, while New Users exhibited astounding growth of 76.0%. Moreover, goal completions more than doubled, with a remarkable 111.3% boost for the same time period.
  • With our strategy to optimize for featured snippets and ranking for city based traffic through dedicated location pages, we saw a remarkable boost in performance. Each KPI experienced a substantial surge, with a 58.7% increase in CTR and an impressive 73.4% rise in Clicks in just 6 months.
  • Consequently, our donations showed a multifold growth, reaching an impressive growth of 52.0% for the same time frame. This case study serves as a testament to the power of effective seo strategies in driving user engagement, conversions, and revenue growth.
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