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Boosting Organic Engagement by 100% Using Creative Social Media Campaigns | Young Volunteers Organization

About the brand

Young Volunteers Organization is an NGO in Mumbai, which is based on the crowd sourcing model. They have 0 admin spends taken from the donations and currently collect approx. INR 10L per month from donations.


Brand building




Social Media Marketing

Case study subject

Social Media Marketing

Delivery Overview

YVO is a crowd funded NGO that collects 3 digit amounts from people on a monthly basis and contribute a large amount to any cause they seem fit. They were looking for better social media presence but only via the organic approach. This is a CSR project that DigIChefs participates with as a partner to the NGO. Our agenda is to provide them with great campaigns & content that helps them get their message sent across. We created several campaigns for their blood donation event too. We designed Whatsapp stickers which were prominently used by all volunteers and it was largely appreciated by the receipients.


Within a quarter, the fresh approach to content resulted in 100% increment in the organic engagement and the organic reach increased by 43%.

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