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Do you have a chat functionality on your website? If yes, there’s a very good chance you would agree on the power of a chat with your sales executive and conversion rates via the same. Well, conversational websites are the next big milestone in this direction.

Definition of a conversational website: A conversational website is a conversational layer similar to a chatbot published in a full page view on a website. It may be used to provide or collect information from users landing the conversational UI, a page on your website. Users may use text or voice to converse with the website. The conversational website uses some form of a backend to edit the conversations on a timely basis.

Chat is one of the simplest tools available out there to convert your potential customer into a loyal one. It is comforting, isn’t too pushy that a call may be, is easy for customers to use without sensing a feeling of commitment to give out any more information than required to brands. The chat is an excellent tool in the awareness stage for a customer to evaluate what they’re getting into. So now, what if you could use the power of a conversational website to deliver & collect information in the form of an automated chatbot residing on a full page view on your website? There are applications across industries & business verticals for conversational websites in the process of distributing information in the form of FAQs and more.

There are tons of tools to set up a chat on your website, some very good ones being the freely available Tawk.to, Zendesk’s premium live chat tool. Users have been conventionally using them for their lead generation & CRM purposes.

So, at DigiChefs, we were digging into the more advanced forms of chat tools, A.K.A. chatbots for the website. We were wondering how could the chatbots be more of a conversion tool for better performance rather than just a sidekick.

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Basis a client request recently, which pointed us ahead in that direction, we decided why can’t be there a page which is completely dedicated to the feature of chat? An automated conversational web page which does the job of providing & collecting information in the form of engagement. We decided to use Google assistant since documentation for the same is easily available. The conversational website is the thing today with professional tools existing for the same, one of them being Landbot.io, check that out for more information. Cost is a big concern here, of course, with their subscription models not very viable for a small business in any way. Hence our objective was to prepare a model which is easy to regulate, cost effective for businesses to adopt and at the same time drive results.

We went ahead and built one.

Here’s how it looks: chatbot.digichefs.in

(This is a very raw example. The actual one can be feature rich, with a variety of content formats and voice search enabled :))

The idea is to enable clients to use their homepage to directly interact with a user. (Well, why not?) Isn’t the purpose of your website to interact with your customers to explain them your business propositions? Anyone who’s run a CRM program knows that the effort involved in catering to the questions for most new chats is brutally time consuming.

Key benefits of using a conversational website:

  1. The user and the technology are both ready to experience an easy way to fill out web forms and consume information online, these chatbots just enable the same
  2. Voice search & typing is enabled, hence even more convenient. This particular article you’re reading was typed using voice, later edited for punctuations & grammar using a keyboard 🙂
  3. User engagement right from the first interaction of your user on your website is a big win! It’s no secret that if you provide the right information to your customer and guide him through the journey, the user moves from Awareness to Interested stage quite quickly in your funnel
  4. App integrations are possible, these conversational websites can be integrated with various applications you use to manage your business efficiently like Slack, Skype, Facebook, Kik, Telegram, etc.
  5. A customized experience for every user to cut out irrelevant information and only see something that’s relevant for them basis their choices & questions, isn’t that what the future of web should be? Rather than exhaustive never ending landing pages which go on to elaborate every little concern every user may have. It uses NLP (natural language processing) to better the experience for every single visit
  6. More conversions – Chatbots have enabled businesses to generate as much as 400% increased number of leads, tons of research available online on the same
  7. Completely automated – No human intervention required while still personalizing the experiencing for every user. Save effort in the sales process to target customers which have a better lead score depending on the level of information they inquire
  8. Easy customization without even editing a single piece of code – The whole conversation can be customized even without touching the code from a single simple dashboard
  9. The tool is built on Google’s cloud infrastructure and uses Google’s machine learning enabling you to achieve scalability to millions of users without having to worry of overloading
  10. Cost effective tool – it won’t cost you a fortune or a fixed monthly cost to run. Get in touch on [email protected] for more information

We’re optimizing the tool further during the course of time, and we’d love your feedback and suggestions. Drop in comments or write to me on [email protected] to have a healthy chat on conversational websites, the future of chatbots and/or Batman.

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