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My article on personal branding was recently published on www.entrepreneur.com, a website read by the business community with a readership of 15 million people, every month.


Having read a lot about personal branding in my digital career of 5 years, it still came as a challenge to me as all the personal branding techniques were for people who were already famous or celebrities in one domain or the other.


The idea of challenging myself to ‘brand myself’ came to me when a student of mine asked about a picture of me, hugging 6 drinks on a social networking platform. I wondered what would be the characteristics I would want to choose to go ahead with personal branding.


At DigiChefs we have been doing ORM activities for a handful of the top Bollywood celebrities and DJs. To do personal branding for myself, an average brown suburbanite, is where the challenge comes in.


To follow the idea through, I ran an experiment and started working on my profile to manipulate the top 10 results for my name (keyword): Deepak Yewle.

The results for my name looked like this

Like for every average person (for the majority of us the results more or less look like this.)

Facebook (Social Network)

Instagram (Social Network)

Twitter (Social Network)

Google Plus (Social Network)

Random YouTube videos (Social Network)

Mumbai Mirror (News Website)

YouTube channel (Video sharing website)

Magzter  (Digital Magazine)

Rocket reach (Research portal)

trell.co (Social Network)

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The current results as of January 1st 2019, are:

LinkedIn (Professional networking site)

Facebook (Hard to push this biggie down)

Digichefs (Company website)

Propertytimes (Guest Blog)

Instagram (I am simply too active here so it wont go down)

Phonicwords (Mention by blogger)

Entrepreneur.com (Authored an article for them)

Techinfix (Personal Blog)

Quora (Forum)

Deepak Yewle (Personal Website)

Urbanpro (Listed as a tutor)

I did this by doing simple things like working on my blog, social profiles, getting mentioned online, authoring articles on other websites etc.

In fact, my article on entrepreneur.com talks of the most easily executable ways to do personal branding for yourself.

In today’s online world we are connected with the world: 24X7, 365 days. This connectivity has given everyone the power to view someone’s life on their fingertips. Unfortunately you cannot skip the online world completely but you can, at least, control how this information is viewed. This will ensure people having an honest and controlled opinion about you.

This very fact makes it extremely important to take personal branding seriously and work towards a better online presence.

Remember, “What happens on the Internet, stays on the internet, for life”

We strongly recommend that you do it by yourself but in case you are not a social bug or do not find the time for it, this can be managed by an agency too. We at DigiChefs offer Online Reputation Management Services and have been successfully delivering ORM service to a handful of big names in Bollywood and medical industry.

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