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Have you ever wondered why some folks can generate new ideas and think creatively, and others struggle to do so?

The answer lies in their ability to use their creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a skill that lets you look at things differently & helps you find new and unique ways to solve a problem. 

What is creative thinking?

Creativity is our ability to form something new or unique out of what’s presented. We can provide a new approach or perspective to a solution. 

This can translate to a new solution or even a realization that a solution is not at all necessary in that scenario.

The Importance of Creative Thinking 

Creative thinking plays a vital role in our day to day lives as well, it’s a breakthrough imagination or just an outlet for any medium to be presented in a different way. Creative thinking is extremely crucial as it allows one to jailbreak and flow free and in a unique way, that will push your brand, idea, or service in a direction that attracts a lot of attention and appreciation while lauding your unique approach that has been formulated by creative thinking. 

Creative thinkers turn up as a hero in those scenarios because it pushes up the linear way of thinking & encourages one to look at other perspectives while opening up to newer solutions. 

Creative thinking is also important for other reasons:

1. Creativity provides immense freedom of thought as to when we create, we have an opportunity to engage with the world without being judged by yourself. It is exactly how we felt when we were children.

2. Creative thinking also provides self-awareness as we start to think authentically with our perspective & brief to a particular situation.

3. We get more confident in our ideas, and even if you don’t speak out loud, by being a creative thinker you can contribute to a group or at work.


Creative thinking isn’t a barrier to those who learn creatively, while anyone can pick up these skills and enrich their lives along with those around them. 

1. Unique Perspective

Did you know perspective works hand in hand with creative thinking?   

Being able to read the mood of a meeting or a discussion you’re having with people helps immensely. This is the key as there are specific times and places to share your ideas.

a. When you find an easy way to solve a problem.

b. During change, when your future is blurrier than usual & you’re looking out for possibilities.

c. When something new is expected out of you which you haven’t tried before.

2. Thinking Analytical

It helps us to understand many other situations except our social environment, being able to intake information, and having a deeper understanding of it will serve you in a variety of ways. It is the initial step for the creative making process.

3. Creates Open-mindedness

Once you intake a piece of information it is necessary to keep your assumptions and biases aside & encourage yourself to look at it from a different perspective or a different angle. There are no limitations when you have an open mind to succeed, every successful entrepreneur in this world has broken rules in their lives, whose work revolutionized an entirely new industry. 

4. Helps Build Communication 

Being able to communicate & make your point worth it, while during a discussion is very effective, it applies in both written or verbal communication. It also means that you have to be a good listener and able to ask perfect questions at the right moment. 

5. Dissect Ideas

Creativity is often challenging to execute but can be a turn around moment for the situation once you do it wisely it is merging 2 or more ideas and making it a single problem-solving idea. The ability to look at Ideas, break them down, and merge them into one is a great skill to have which can easily get you to a middle ground in a situation. 


1. Journal your thoughts.

2. Be Aware. Read more.

3. Absorption is the key.

4. Team up while ideating.

5. Act more on your spontaneity.

The number of examples of creative thinking is endless as all the skills are challenging to have. As the world turns and grows, this pushes us to learn new skills to think differently. Let’s start asking important questions like “why” and “why not?”

So long as you have the patience to learn & develop yourself, you can be a creative thinker as well! 

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