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Social Media is more dynamic than ever, In these rapidly changing times, It’s essential to discuss how platforms play a vital role in the launch of your product or services. Let’s talk about one of the world’s most used and loved social media platforms, Instagram, and how its features like “Story” can add value to your product and service. The stories elevate your content strategies and allow you to get more traction on your account. The best part is there is no algorithm to the same, so you’re jumping the line and straight out talking about your product. Social media plays a vital role in online marketing. In this war zone of social media, Instagram is one of the strongest weapons to make your brand win. Instagram is always booming everywhere with its exceptional updates and features. It can be used in every other way to maintain the face of your brand and to reach your target audience. One of the best features of Instagram is ‘Stories’. Even if it remains for 24 hours, it can be the most effective. Strategic implementation and use of each story during a product launch can help you reach your target audience perfectly. These are the few reasons why you should do Instagram stories during a launch of a product.

Different Stages of Launch

1. Instagram stories can be quite effective in different stages of launch.

2. You could introduce your product and set a timeline for your stories.

3. There could be engagement stories that follow D-Day to keep your audience entertained.

4. There could be trivia and fun posts planned.

5. There could be lives with eminent personalities.

6. Topical content or memes could be used to gain more traction.

Following these steps to your Launch Day, you could already have an army of people out there looking forward to your product.  All of this can be attained just by Instagram stories.

Curiosity with a countdown

Create a curiosity among the audience before the launch of the product. With the help of a unique feature, add the countdown sticker to your story. When the audience taps on the sticker, they’ll get an option to turn on the reminder and it will eventually give them a notification when the countdown has finished. 

Highlights for the limelight

Highlights are like the prime hub of your brand. Stories being within a 24 hours time limit, always keep adding your stories to highlights. During promotions, your profile will be getting many new views and the attraction of a new audience. Your highlights should be more of an educating point of view to the existing and new audience. Keep your highlights separate for quick access to the information they are seeking. And the highlights deserve a separate one that only talks about promotions with all its details. 

Host a Giveaway

Post a giveaway story to build social confidence among the audience. Encourage people to post a small product testimonial in their story tagging you and in return, they will win prizes/vouchers/hampers. You can repost the audience’s stories to create more excitement.

Pre-preparations before going Live

Going Live is one of the strongest Instagram stories tools. This does not only allow interaction and increase the scope of personalization but it allows the brand to directly communicate with your audience. It’s essential that there is a check before you go live, and by the response and engagement on your previous Instagram stories, maybe the content for the live can be designed making it furthermore appealing and interesting. Interesting stories/posts/ lives always gain more eyeballs than anything else. Staying Tropical will allow you to stay relevant.

The world is evolving and so must we, let our brands tell their stories via Instagram stories. Social media is nothing short of magic, so it’s high time we explore these tools and change the fate and the game, Let’s explore more and see what new we can do, who knows, one path-breaking story and you are the next viral breakthrough. 

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