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Twitter, with 192 million daily active users worldwide, is a place where anything and everything can happen, all you have to do is send out the right message at the right time and in the right way. In recent years, Twitter has seen an exponential user growth year after year. As per the stats of 2019, Twitter has 330 Million active users and 145 million daily active users. This social platform is not only an interesting place to be active for businesses but also a place where users, fans, and clients get to communicate, publicly about the brand.

Let’s game up your social battle because things move so fast on Twitter, that without strategic planning your efforts could completely get lost in the swarm of tweets :

1. Audit your Account: First things first, the most important step is to run a Twitter audit for your brand’s existing account. This will help you create a baseline of your Twitter performance also, answer a few salient questions about individual tweet performance, hashtag performance, Twitter audience, and engagement rate.

2. Strengthen your brand recall: Your Twitter account is your brand image and a simple yet appealing approach makes a huge difference in your brand recall value on the platform. This includes your Twitter handle, bio, profile picture, and last but not least your header. It is advised to keep your brand handle simple and maintain the same brand handle on all the platforms for a better brand recall. Next, ensure that your profile picture and bio are catchy yet relatable to your brand.

3. Tweet when your audience is alert: Although, there is no magic formula that will give you the exact best time to tweet. However, there are certain hours of the days or days of the week where your audience is most active. During these hours, customers engage even better with your tweets. So how to identify the best time for your brand to tweet? The only answer is to experiment with different time slots, analyze with stats, and pinpoint your best time.

4. Use Hashtags wisely:  Hashtags are tricky! You can’t do without them and also can’t overdo them. It is true that hashtags can double your engagement but that doesn’t mean you load your tweets with them. The key to this is to use the right hashtag and in moderation.

5. Keep up the creativity and visuals: These days people appreciate brands that try to be as creative as they can be in a way of tweeting quirky yet humorous content, using content, relevant GIFs, or giving personal replies to the engaged audience. Notably, these things bring in large numbers of feedback and make people engage three times more via retweets, likes, and comments.

6. Personalization is everything: Always remember, people, love reaching out to brands on Twitter because they can get connected to real people when they need help. Adding a magic touch of personalized responses would elevate your brand image to the next level because who doesn’t like to be acknowledged?

7. Grabbing the eyeballs: Thanks to the ever-changing twitter algorithm, it is extremely easy for your brand’s tweet to get lost in the noise, that’s where Twitter ads come into play. Just like other platforms, Twitter ads give your brand a platform to promote and reach out to new potential users. If your budget and resources allow it, always promote your tweets and attract new users to it.

There you go! Say the right thing at the right time, be smart with your hashtags, not only grab your audience’s attention but also engage with them, and you are all set to create an impactful presence of your brand on the chirping app!

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