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While you manage your social media accounts, it is very important to pay attention to the comments you receive from your audience on these channels. 

Negative comments are very common for brands, which actually indicates what you as a brand lack to fully satisfy your consumer’s needs and which areas need more work to improve. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can manage negative social media responses. 


Pay sincere attention – People hate being ignored, especially when they are angry or upset. Responding to negative messages as soon as you receive them, shows that you care about your audience and respect their opinion. By addressing their concerns, you have the opportunity to change their perception of your brand.

Also, by responding, you are showing other followers that you acknowledge these issues, care about your consumers’ concerns and are there for your audience whenever they need you! 


Apologize, the right way – It is said that “the customer is always right” and this should always apply in your response to negative social media messages.

Responding inappropriately will ruin your brand’s image and not only upset the person who left the negative comment, but it will also look bad to anyone else who sees it. 


Quit making fake promises – Your presence on social media is being noticed! Your followers and other social media users do notice your brand’s activity, so make sure whenever you respond to a negative comment you do not make fake promises. For e.g., if a customer is complaining about a wrong product being delivered to them, make sure your brand provides the right product to them on time. Do not overcommit about the timelines. 


Take it out of the spotlight – When you respond to the comment, try to encourage the user to transition the conversation to a more private place, like in the direct messages of the social network platform.

For example, you could say something like “Hi XYZ, We are so sorry to hear about your negative experience with our brand. It would be great if you could elaborate on your concern about DM.


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