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Are you planning to start a new business? Or do you already have a business set up?

You might think that having a generic logo along with a tagline is more than enough to create an identity for your brand. But that’s not true. People can’t simply look at a logo and relate to your brand’s values & principles just like that! Your brand needs a public identity.

Follow these steps to create a brand identity for your business.

Invest In Branding

Invest in Branding

Every entrepreneur knows that introducing their business to the world in terms of visual exposure can ease the process of entering into the market. In fact, branding should start as soon as you have decided a name for your business.

Start with a logo design. After all, logos and brand identities go hand in hand. You must allow your audience to get acquainted with your brand by showing them your logo multiple times till they can finally recognize you.  This recognition is basically a brand recall from the logo’s visual elements – such as colors, fonts, shapes, etc.

It’s All Consumer Driven

Customer Driven

Contrary to popular belief, creating a brand identity is not something that is meant to be done only by graphic designers. Branding, in theory, is rightly created by marketers & entrepreneurs. This is because brand awareness starts with even the smallest interaction with a customer, till the time they actually think about your brand. This is a never-ending process. Hence, we can say that brand identity is mainly under the control of consumers.

Create A Brand Identity For The Human Brain

Brand Awareness

Our 15 cm long brain is constantly bombarded with so much information throughout the day. So, in order to constantly make sense of all the data, the brain tends to capture logo elements in a very specific order-

  1. Colour
  2. Font/Shape
  3. Number
  4. And maybe if you still have their attention, your brand’s name.

Keeping these elements in mind, you can deliberately shift your audience’s perspective about your brand values & principles.

How to create a brand identity?

Prepare a Branding Questionnaire.

A branding questionnaire is an in-depth guide for all the members involved, to proceed with a decided upon brand communication that is authentic to the business. Keep it as elaborate as possible, so that at any given point of time you don’t budge from your core business values during the process of branding.

Here are a few out of the many questions you should be asking yourself and all the stakeholders before starting out the branding activity:

  1. What is the aim of developing this logo?
  2. What are our main business goals and objectives?
  3. What is our USP?
  4. Do we really need/have a tagline?
  5. Which of our competitors’ logo do we not like and why?

Branding does all the storytelling for you. Once you have nailed your brand game with these simple techniques, your audience will start recognizing your business with little to no effort!

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