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Big news:¬†We won an award for “Best Low Budget Digital Marketing Campaign” for the Yatri App – the official Mumbai Local App by Indian¬†Railways at E4M’s Maverick Awards 2023.


This one is special because as an agency we’ve been experimenting quite a lot to¬†break the myth – impactful campaigns require heavy budgets!


Look here's a nice picture of our team up there on stage:

Look here’s a nice picture of our team up there on stage


Here’s some quick context of the campaign:¬†The objective that¬†Yatri app set out to achieve¬†was to generate top of funnel awareness & drive app installs. Yatri app competes with M-Indicator – an already immensely popular app and thus it was an uphill battle.¬†The budgets on digital were restricted in the early months since a lot of money was riding on the offline launch of the app.


The core insight was that since the competitor app was already quite popular, having people change the app they use daily for their train commute needed a pretty strong reason. They would do so only under the influence of¬† a creator they truly trust & believe, who is relatable and talks about local train travel regularly in their content. Secondly, the content these creators do¬†couldn’t have been¬†information heavy or advertorial, the audience didn’t really have a big problem with M-Indicator and thus straightforward information¬†about the Yatri App might not receive traction.


Thus began the journey of shortlisting some really good influencers with a decent following (to keep the costs at check) and then pitching to them different angles in which the story could be told in a fun manner.¬†The idea was¬†to use the power of humour & relatability to talk about the distinctive features of Yatri app. The campaign was multi-lingual in Hindi, Marathi & English.¬†Here’s an example of the reel one of the creator’s posted.


This wasn’t it, we went ahead and built a simple¬†head-tilt Yes / No questions based¬†AR filter inhouse to drive further engagement. It capitalised on some fun moments like, Have you ever – done bhajan in train, pulled the chain, proposed in train, etc.


And it worked, the campaign received 1.2M+ impressions & 700K+ engagements across social channels & nearly 8K+ installs (inferred data). The total cost incurred in the campaign was ~ Rs. 1L.


And that’s it, I wanted to share this big news and a quick snippet of the campaign in this newsletter.

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