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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube are the social media platforms used and viewed worldwide. The Hottest of these five is Instagram as it is miles ahead of them. It is rich in content and also rich in a variety of content. The age group from 10 – 50 all are using Instagram for content creation and as a source of entertainment. The variety it offers is in the form of reels, videos, pictures, stories, and IGTV. The algorithm of Instagram knows what you like and dislike and is coded to feed you that content to keep you glued to your devices. From short videos to long videos, name it and Instagram probably has it, another Instagram feature that is still underrated is Instagram shop.

Instagram Shop was introduced in November 2016, it was introduced to redirect your Instagram audience to the shopping page of your brand to increase sales. It’s a no-brainer that you don’t want your audience to only like and comment on your service or products, you want them to buy or subscribe to your product or service respectively. Just having a CTA line in the caption is not enough to increase sales. To help you out here, Instagram gives you the option of mentioning the link in the bio of your service or product. Most of the time your audiences do not visit the bio or the number of links you have kept in linktree.

For those who do not know what linktree is, it is basically a platform where anyone can keep a maximum of 5 links related to their product, service, reviews about your product or service, and the shop page. It can also have links to the review blogs about your products, so basically it’s for those who have multiple important links related to their businesses. Users can keep more than 5 links on this platform but for that, they need a paid subscription. People opt for such links to help them optimize their Instagram shop further.

The Instagram shop is a big CTA on your brand page that your audiences just won’t miss. Once they click it they will be redirected to your brand shopping page, be it on Amazon or Nykaa!
This is far more convenient for your customers than otherwise going to the bio which has linktree links and getting confused in how to maneuver around them. In short, by using an Instagram shop, your customers will get much-needed information easily and conveniently.

How to set up an Instagram shop?

  1. Go to your business’s Instagram profile and tap.
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Tap “Business” then tap “Shopping”
  4. Select the “Product Catalog” you want to connect to your account.
  5. Select “Done”

What is the cost to set up an Instagram shop?

Setting up an Instagram shop is free of cost. You have to make sure that your products meet the guidelines of Instagram, you need not have any required number of followers but if you have 10000 and above followers you can also have the luxury of a swipe-up link. Connect your Facebook page to the Instagram page and make sure your Instagram account is a business account turn on the shopping feature in the business option in settings, add your product catalog, and viola! your Instagram shop is up and running.

Who should set up an Instagram shop?

Instagram shops should be used by brands that have both services and products. For example, if you have a footwear brand or you have a subscription service like Netflix, your CTA will be shop now and subscribe now respectively. Instagram Shop makes it easier for your audience to engage with your product and services, thereby increasing traffic to your brand shopping page or platform. So do not delay it further, set up your Instagram shop now!

In summary, utilizing Instagram Shop can be a highly effective strategy for businesses to increase sales and revenue through social media. With the help of a social media marketing agency, businesses can optimize their Instagram presence and leverage the platform’s vast user base to drive conversions and boost profits.