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Le Sutra is an exquisite art hotel in Bandra, Mumbai. It is a one of it’s kind hotel with a story associated to each of its room. Le Sutra ranks in the top 10 hotels in Mumbai as per Trip Advisor and promises an exhilarating experience to visitors.


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When the product you’re selling is so unique, there’s no doubt the marketing shouldn’t be. We understood that the audience for Le Sutra was niche, connoisseurs of art, loved stories, had opinions and loved to explore their spirituality. All our content across social media channels was planned to deliver exactly the same. On the occasion of Dussehra, we took the liberty to go ahead and portray Ramayana from Ravana’s point of view. Considering that Le Sutra had a room named Ravana, we thought what better occasion to tell the story to our audience from this angle. Needless to say, it gathered traction – both positive & controversial, but was a success for the brand in terms of the reach.


Unique organic reach of more than 25,000 in 2 days from the 7 post series

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