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Ranking Targeted Keywords in Top 10 in Google SERP Using SEO | D&H Sécheron

About the brand

D&H Sécheron is one of the leading welding manufacturers in India. Incepted in 1966, D&H Sécheron is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that offers a comprehensive range of welding solutions in the form of consumables, equipment, training, and fabrication. We have been constantly challenging the status quo in the welding space with their state-of-the-art production facilities, engineering prowess, and widespread dealer network, thus, bringing forth the core values of Quality, Innovation, and Import Substitution into existence.


Website Traffic Enhancement




Search Engine Optimisation

Case study subject

Search Engine Optimisation

Delivery Overview

The brand is well known in India for its quality welding equipment, but due to high competition, their ranking was not in the top positions of the Google search results. The first milestone was to get their website on top of Google results for target keywords. So, the objective was to fix the website and SEO optimize the website for the relevant keywords, and rank ahead of the competitors.

Steps taken:
1. Page speed improvement
2. Fixing all website issues
3. Competitor keyword analysis to understand the competition
4. SEO optimizing the website with relevant keywords
5. Performing quality backlinks on high DA websites
6. Focusing on a group of keywords to maintain and improve the keyword positions



Keyword MSC Position Jan 2022 Position July 2022
Welding Consumables India 230 18 1
Electrode manufacturer in india 170 22 19
Smaw welding 1900 80 10
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