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Social Media Campaigns to Drive Engagement & Build Awareness of The Services | PISPL

About the brand

Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of providing high-quality logistics services that give the customers a competitive advantage in the Indian market. A leading integrated supply chain service provider using innovative technology and processes to give end-to-end and to be one-stop shop for all its customers pan India.


The main objective was to spread awareness amongst relevant audience about Parekh Integrated Services Private Limited and the comprehensive services they offer


Transportation, logistics and supply chain


Social Media Marketing

Case study subject

Creative Showcase



Delivery Overview

Aim: The aim behind this creative was to increase awareness for the benefits of Yoga.

Thought Process: To highlight the health benefits of yoga, we decided to showcase different yoga postures that are beneficial to us while also wishing the audience on this day.

Results: Impressions: 4,421, Engagement Rate: 38.20%

Impact: We succeeded to spread the word regarding the health benefits of Yoga organically to 4421 people.

Aim: To promote the comprehensive 3PL services offered by PISPL.

Thought Process: When it comes to 3PL services, PISPL follows an extensive approach. Here, we showcased its details using a vector-based approach.

Results: Impressions – 2336, Engagement rate – 13.13%

Impact: Our informative video helped our audience to understand the comprehensive services offered by PISPL.

Aim: To showcase the legacy of PISPL.

Thought Process: PISPL has an unmatched legacy. They have been on the path of efficiency for more than 30 years. In this video, we have described their legacy in the form of a journey.

Results: Impressions – 3412, Engagement rate – 23.78%

Impact: We achieved our aim of showcasing the legacy of PISPL with an interactive vector based video.

Aim: To spread awareness on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Thought Process: While PISPL ensures the utmost safety when it comes to packages that need extra care, it’s everyone’s duty to do the same for our home. After all, it’s the only one we have!.

Results: Impressions – 1577, Engagement rate – 13.92%

Impact: PISPL as a brand shared its message on the occasion of World Environment Day and received engagement from our audience.

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