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COVID-19 has done a lot of damage to our lives. This article isn’t about that. It is about the opportunities it has created in its wake. 

India’s digital marketing landscape was catching up with the western world. All thanks to Jio for being a catalyst in reaching out to a wider audience across generations, and for enabling them with the power of the internet. 

But was this growth enough to make all of India digital? If you ask me, no.

Baby Boomers & Generation X:

This generation was not budging to give in to the digital wave, and that’s understandable because they had to unlearn everything they learned so far. Even if they used the internet for a bit, the mind-shift was yet to happen. They were a new set of users who came on to the internet but were restricting their consumption to the bare minimum. 

Previously, the elderly still did not trust digital transactions and were not comfortable doing activities online. They still went to banks and malls for most of their transactions and purchases.  

But with the virus and all the restrictions it brought, these people are rapidly moving online and are realizing the benefits of the same.

Not just that, traditional businesses majorly owned by this generation are making an online shift. DigiChefs, our marketing agency, has seen a significant spike in leads from traditional businesses wanting to move operations online and are keen on having a digital presence.

The Millennials & Generation Z:

These guys were the first to move into the online world. They activated and accepted the internet ecosystem with open arms and made it mainstream. 

They are well-versed with the online world and can be extremely instrumental in helping the previous generation with their digital activation. Digital skills are in demand and it’s a huge opportunity for these guys to leverage on and make a decent earning in the process. 

Generation Z & Gen Alpha:

Offline education and landline phones will feel the same to these guys, they won’t understand why they existed. 

The EduTech industries’ innovation never really reached schools of medium-income group parents. The cost of activation and learning curve was very big for them to take. 

But the virus has led to an inevitable change. Schools have started functioning online, the physical restrictions of schools are no more applicable. Our children can now get access to the best teachers without having to pay a premium or visit them in person. This has given a new meaning to learning altogether.

COVID-19 has successfully(read forcibly) pushed us a decade ahead in our digital activation journey. With a loss of a few opportunities, many more have been created. The learning curve is big but will bring a lot of positive change in the way we live life. 

That said, things will get worse before they get better but the ones who adapt will survive and come out stronger. 

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