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Hey Corona,

I will be honest, I did not expect you to become a pandemic. In my head, you were just another virus in a different country which would not reach our lives. Obviously, you had different plans. 

You’ve done all the harm you can and we still haven’t given up. I will, in fact, go ahead and say we will never give up. This article isn’t about how badly you’ve affected our lives but about the silver lining that is there. 


We are going to claim our position back as leaders of the planet. While we did a pathetic job last time, we are evolving, we’ve understood the power of sanitization, so I promise it’s going to be different and better this time. 


It’s because of you that we accepted the WFH culture with open arms. We now know how to be productive and earn without leaving the comforts of our home. 


Thanks for pushing us 20 years ahead in time. You are a catalyst in the digital revolution. You showed us the power of working remotely. I don’t think anybody would have believed me if I told them that they would get a month-long work from home in an #agencylife.


You’ve liberated us from the physical constraints of four-walled office space and presented to us a new way of limitless expansion.


You’ve thrown at us a talent pool that isn’t restricted to the 10km radius of our office. We can hire and get hired from across the globe now. 


People are going to shy away from unnecessary physical interactions. The e-commerce industry is going to explode. My friend who never bought anything online will do now. You are pushing more people to the internet than ever, more people towards growth, more people towards me. 


I, as a digital marketer, always expected quick results, I always got stuck up winning the vanity metrics game. You taught me to be patient, you taught me to have a more empathic approach in my content, and it’s working. 

We’ve seen you grow and take lives of people we know, we’ve seen you crippling down economies which we thought were invincible. 

But we also know we will defeat you, we will restore our economy and come back stronger and more powerful than before. We humans find our way out, sooner or later we always figure out a way.


Yours Fatefully

Digital Marketer 



As a Digital Marketer, it is my responsibility to onboard businesses old & new, into the digital ecosystem and provide them with the right guidance to make the best of the transforming economy. 

If you are a brand who has no direction in terms of how to start your digital transformation reach out to me at [email protected] or WhatsApp me at 8268589075.

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