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This article is for everyone and anyone who is interested in getting to know the field of SEO better. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert, a fresher who just started their career in SEO, running an enterprise SEO companies or a person who just wants to explore the field. Through the course of this article, you will learn of free SEO tools provided by, none other than, Google. It will help you understand some easy, user-friendly & effective ways to crunch your work from hours to just minutes.

So let’s get started with these amazing and free Google tools!

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool introduced by Google to track website traffic. This tool will help you understand how much traffic your website receives on a day to day basis, weekly, monthly as well as yearly basis. Google Analytics also gives you a proper insight of your user base, demographics & target audience who landed on your website. It provides a detailed report of every single page of the website. This compiled traffic data is then segregated into proper channels from where the traffic has actually shown up. This feature of Google Analytics makes it easy for one to understand what channel is majorly working well & which channel needs more attention.

2. Google Search Console


Google search console

This is actually a very important tool introduced by Google to track real-time errors and also suggest opportunities for optimizations. It provides you with holistic data of queries (Keywords) & pages. An Individual can understand the clicks & impressions of a particular page or queries by simply comparing the data with the previous period.

Google Search console has another great feature called ‘coverage’. It helps in identifying errors on one’s website. It also shows if the website has gotten any penalties because of any new algorithm update. You can always request indexing if you add a new page on your website. This tool provides us with some very useful suggestions & data. Google Search Console works as a god-mother for SEO experts.


3. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is majorly used for SEO & Google AdWords campaigns. This tool is all about keywords. Here you can either discover new keywords which are almost like look-alikes of your keyword or just search volumes for a particular set of keywords you wish to know. This insightful data can help you target the right keywords for your campaign or content piece.

There is never an exact number of monthly search count in Google Keyword Planner so it shows data of average monthly search count. This gives you an idea about the usage of a keyword and if it is required or  not. If you are using keyword planner for Adwords campaigns you should not only consider average monthly search count but also keep a close eye on competition & bidding. Having said that, performing SEO practices without the Google keyword planner is impossible. SEO, as a practice, is totally dependent on keywords & keyword planner is the source of these keywords.


4. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool by Google that evaluates performance of a website & based on the performance the website is given a score. This score indicates the health of the website. With lower scores, more improvement is required. PageSpeed Insights not only gives one the score but also gives optimization opportunities & suggestions to increase the score. PageSpeed Insights has proved to be a very helpful tool for developers as well as for the SEO guys.


5. Google Data Studio

Google data studio

This tool was introduced by Google to provide detailed reports of one’s existing data. You can connect Google data studio to Google Adwords, Google analytics, YouTube & tonnes of other tools to prepare a customizable & efficient report. It also helps in adding elements like texts, images & filters in the report to make it more appealing. The feature that makes data studio reports unique and special are,

  1. Sharing and Collaboration feature: In the ‘sharing and collaboration’ feature you don’t have to share your report the old fashioned way. Instead you can share the access to the concerned person, with some restricted access grants like ‘view only’. This limited access prevents anybody from making changes to the report.
  2. Real-time updates in data studio reports: In this feature, reports are updated in the dashboard as per real-time. This makes Google Data Studio the best reporting tool of all time.

I hope you find this article helpful. SEO is a vast subject. With thousands of tools online, even the best of the best will fall short in knowing every tool out there. The key is to never stop exploring & keep on educating yourself with something new. Keep learning, Keep exploring!

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