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Did you know that over 1 billion people actively use Instagram almost every month?

80% of these users follow a business profile on Instagram.

And that’s quite a lot!

Let’s deep-dive into how you can grow your Instagram profile organically – if you’re a business entity or even a public figure!


1. Optimize your Instagram bio


Optimize Instagram Bio


It’s no secret that 80% of Instagram users prefer to browse something on Instagram after trying Google. Help these users to find you by adding industry-specific hashtags & website URLs in the bio.


2. Use ALT text


Alt Text


ALT text is a popular SEO strategy to describe the physical appearance of a photo. Now, we can do this on Instagram too! For instance, if I search for a funny cat video on Google and you have uploaded one on Instagram along with the ALT text, there’s a chance I might get to see it.


3. Take geo-tagging seriously


Geo location in Instagram

Believe it or not, we’re all casual stalkers. We constantly wish to know what happened where. Adding location tags in an Instagram post is a great way to let your followers know where you are today, thereby giving the business profile a more human feel.


4. Use hashtags, wisely


Hashtags in Instagram

Although there is no harm if you bombard the audience with many hashtags in each post, it’s better to use targeted hashtags that your end consumer would actually be interested in following.


5. Redirect post to Instagram Stories


Shoutout on instagram story

Give yourself a shoutout by sharing your post as a story & get all creative while doing it. Make sure to use profile tags, location tags, filters, gifs, hashtags, etc to improve your story’s viewer count.


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Instagram may not be the most SEO-friendly platform as of now, but trying out these techniques can bring your Instagram profile into the social media limelight!