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Around 60% of our portfolio at DigiChefs consists of startups. Businesses who’ve just been around for say 2-4 years, but with immense potential, and certain of them are real game-changers. It’s so bloody exciting to partner with these startups and aligns ourselves with the vision of these high energy startup founders.

One thing that I see as a common apprehension when it comes to startup founders is that they are hearing so much from the noise around them via webinars, Linkedin connects, newsletters from knowledge portals, that they seem to lose their way on where to begin the digital marketing journey of their business.

Here’s a quick video which elaborates a few nuances that I believe startup founders need answers to. Some of the topics I cover in the video are as below:

1. Should I focus on the website too much or just start the business and learn as I go ahead?

2. How to do competition benchmarking & analysis, tools to use?

3. How much effort should a startup founder put in when they begin their digital marketing?

4. Should one focus on the product alone or is the story behind the product equally vital?

5. How much delegation is good, and when?

Check it out right away! Click on the play button:

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